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 Keruilai Portable Air Cooler VS Other Air Cooler
Description Keruilai Portable Air Cooler Other Air Cooler
 Cooling Mechanism 

 Patented "Cooler Tech" Technology
 - No water drip will fly from the cooler, if you place a cloth in front of the cooler, it will always be dry.

 Roller with cloth / ice pack
 - There might be water drip flying off from the cooler, wetting your place and the air louver
 Cooling Efficiency Better cooling efficiency as the heat exchange surface is bigger  Less cooling as the heat exchange surface is smaller
 Fan Motor Centrifugal Fan Motor produce 3 times more air volume compared to the propeller fan motor Propeller Fan
 Outlook Design Elegant and Stylish 
 Market Share Most Popular Brand in Malaysia (Selected by 90% of the restaurant owners)
 - One of the Largest manufacturer in the world
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