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About Evaporative Air Cooler:

Air Cooler is different from air conditioner, it do not have compressor, it is something between fan and air conditioner. It does not have a heat output or water to be drain. Power consumption wise, air cooler only uses very little electricity, for Model LL05-12, it is 160W (a kettle is 3000W), means that for every 8 hours operation, it will only consume RM0.37.


Evaporative air cooler compliment air conditioner, as it could increase the air conditioner coverage area; reduce the burden of air conditioners compressor.  We had help many of families, restaurants, offices...etc. which their air conditioner is not cold enough:
a) the air conditioner is under power
b) the places which is facing morning / evening sun
c) the places which is pack of people
d) the places where is not able / too costly to install air conditioner 


For non air conditioner environment, air cooler will provide us cool air, just like standing in front of water fall. It is advised to open the windows and door to maximize the air circulation. Unlike a typical fan, which simply blows the ambient air around with no temperature change at all, the Portable Air Cooler can cool the ambient air that goes through the unit and adding Ice for even extra cooling!


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