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Outdoor / Open Air 
It is recommended to air cooler with larger air volume at outdoor like KF-35 or KLF-06B(M).
It can be use for outdoor party, BBQ, opening ceremony ...etc. 
KLF-06B(M) can be modified to use under sun shine or rainy days.
The LL series is mainly for personal cooling, e.g. personal cooling when having coffee / reading newspaper at balcony.

Indoor - with air conditioner
In this scenario, air cooler act as an air conditioner booster and humidifier.
Air cooler is widely in air conditioned restaurants, offices, halls, house to compliment air conditioner such as:
a) the air conditioner is under power / warm
b) the places which is facing morning / evening sun
c) the places which is pack of people
d) the places where is not able / too costly to install air conditioner  
We could close up the window and door when using air cooler in air conditioned room.
If you feels that it is too dry in air conditioned room, air cooler is also a humidifier to provide you more moisture air which helps to protect you from dry skins, eyes, lips, and etc. 
Indoor - without air conditioner 
For non air conditioner environment, unlike a typical fan, which simply blows the ambient air around with no temperature change at all, the Portable Air Cooler can cool the ambient air that goes through the unit and adding Ice for even extra cooling! 
It is advised to open the windows and door to maximize the air circulation. 
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