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“Union of Refrigeration of Dongguan”: the tenet of it is improving the development and technology authentication of the technology of refrigeration, and our company is a member of it.
Our company is cognized as High-tech Corporation by the Science-Technology Office of Guangdong. This affirms the content of technology of our production and our ability of researching.
“National authorization of Chinese Laboratory”: it means that our company has passed the authentication of computation and the examination of quality of Committee of National authorization of Chinese Laboratory (CNACL).
“Examination of quality of Dongguan, China”: it’s an institution of quality-examination of compositive production of the third-side, it’s established and accredited by the government of Dongguan and the Department of the examination of quality and technology of Dongguan, Guangdong, the report made by it has gained acceptability of other members of International Laboratory Acceptability Multi Recognition Agreement (ILA-MRA).
“People-managed Science-Tech Corporation of Guangdong” is a kind of authorization of our technology of producing and artifice of manufacturing by the Department of Science-Tech of Guangdong.
Authentication of ISO9001: 2000: it is a policy of quality, and the applicability, sufficiency and efficiency of the managing system of insuring quality of the factory, which is made by International System of quality-insuring. And provide authentication for the world.
Environmental and save-energy air cooler of “Keruilai” has gained many patent authentications of National Department of Property Right of knowledge.
Dongguan Private Hi-Tech Enterprise:In 2002,our company was entitled as Dongguan Private Hi-Tech Enterprise.
“Union of environment-protecting industry”: apply itself to developing the economy, improving ecological environment, protecting natural resources, answering for the national standard of environmental technology, productions of our company are commended productions by this union.
Green Star:In 2003,our company was confirmed as the manufacturer of green star products.
China Quality Certification Centre 3C.
China Compellent Product Certification CB,and the system for the mutual recognition of test certificate for the electrical products.
The european compellent product certification.
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